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Kyrgyz News as a Language Learning Resource

2011 March 22
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by learnkyrgyz
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International news sources can be a great resource for language learners, particularly when it comes to rarer languages, such as Kyrgyz.

Exposure to authentic reading material in a foreign language has many benefits. These include increased fluency and confidence in the language, better familiarity with grammatical structures, and exposure to idioms, collocations, and other useful phrases in Kyrgyz (which tend to be conspicuously absent from traditional textbooks).

One international news source of interest is the website of the Turkish Radio and Television Corporation (TRT) in the Kyrgyz language. It is perfect for language learners in that all news is available in a variety of languages, ranging from English to French to Russian to Hungarian. Whatever your native language, you can easily switch between reading the news in Kyrgyz and in your language of choice. This is arguably better than looking words up in a dictionary or giving up on reading advanced texts altogether because they are too difficult for a learner’s level of proficiency in the language.

Multilingual news sources, like TRT Kyrgyz, are essentially an enormous database of parallel texts in Kyrgyz and in your native language. For English speakers, another parallel news source is the previously mentioned Kyrgyz service of BBC Online.

For uses of translations and parallel texts in language learning, you may check out this tutorial by Iversen, a polyglot member of the How To Learn Any Language forum.

Can you suggest other resources for parallel texts in Kyrgyz? Let’s hear about them in the comments!

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